We started out as Heavy Metal Records, back in 1978. Shortly afterwards started the Revolver label. As the label became increasingly interested in diverse types of Rock and guitar music, we diversified into different genres and as a result became increasingly reliant on our other "marks", as the HMR brand confined us to Metal.

The brands that we have operated-under are as follows:

Heavy Metal Records

Heavy Metal Records, Heavy Metal America, Heavy Metal Worldwide

Notable artists signed include; Accept, Amebix, The Scorpions, Eloy, Witchfinder General, Wrathchild, Cloven Hoof, Vain, Starz, Plasmatics.

FM Records

FM Records, FM Coast to Coast, FM Dance, FM Jazz

Notable artists include; Magnum, White Sister, Jim Dandy & Black Oak Arkansas, Alvin Davies, Lisa Dominique, Tobruk, Tradia, Marino


Revolver, FM-Revolver, Black

Notable Artists include: The Stone Roses, Jaynes Addiction, The UK Subs, Vibrators, Cockney Rejects, Bruce Cockburn


Notable artists include; Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck and just about every significant jazz album from back in the day. We also have a growing classical and 1960's pop catalogue.

Today our biggest fan group remains for our HMR label. In 2010 we decided to consolidate our brands to just Heavy Metal Records and Revolver, though from time to time we are called on to resurrect our "black" label. Where we reissue albums, we try to do this on the original labels with the same catalogue numbers, barcodes and artwork. Though re-issues in physical formats are regrettably very few and far between.


HMR logo 2

Revolver Logos