Statetrooper Statetrooper

Statetrooper (1986) [Vinyl]


Track Listing:

  1. Shape Of Things To Come
  2. Set Fire To The Night
  3. Dreams Of The Painful
  4. Stand Me Up
  5. Veni Vidi Vinci
  6. Last Stop To Heaven
  7. She Got The Look
  8. Too Late (Live)
  9. Armed And Ready

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Product Description

The self-titled debut from Statetrooper is hard rock through and through, the beat is fast and the music is heavy. Statetrooper use keyboards like so many of their contemporaries, but this just adds to the sound coming through the speakers. There is clearly passion behind this album, the vocals are heartfelt and belted out while the band just don’t let up the tempo. It took 18 years for Statetrooper to follow this album up, making this an album that had to stand the test of time, a test it passed with flying colours.


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