U.K. Subs Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach (1985) [Audio CD]


Track Listing:

  1. Rock ‘N’ Roll Savage
  2. Between The Eyes
  3. Suicide Taxi
  4. Party Animal
  5. The Unknown
  6. Teenage USA
  7. Huntington
  8. All The Kings Horses
  9. Juke Box
  10. SK8 Tough
  11. Death Row
  12. The Bullshitter
  13. Dirt Boy
  14. All Change For Hollywood
  15. Blinding Stories

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Product Description

Huntington Beach CD

Six years into their career, U.K. Subs unleashed Huntington Beach onto the public and it was a furious album to behold. The raw energy and tempo of the tracks was almost overwhelming, but controlled enough to ensure that the album didn’t become a mess of noise. This is a pure punk record, eschewing the need to add to their sound and keeping it fast, loud and brash. This is an essential punk rock record.

For fans of: Sex Pistols, Black Flag, Minor Threat


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