Hot Night In The City

VA Hot Night In The City

WKFM134 1990

An album of pure rock and roll, this compilation is perfect for those nights out on the town. There is a certain sense of sleaze underpinning the tracks featured on Hot Night In The City, a bluesy edge that becomes the driving force within the album. While it is a cast of relative unknowns, it’s easy to see why these bands could become your new favourites.


For fans of: Steelback, AC/DC, Foreigner

Track Listing:

  1. Bystander: Trail Of Broken Hearts
  2. Allied Nation: Find Yourself Another Fool
  3. Freelance: Lightning Strikes
  4. Sojourn: In The City
  5. Everest: Don’t Know What To Do
  6. Moscara: Long Way From Home
  7. The Mike Reeves Band: Fallen Angel
  8. 8084: Lover’s Feel
  9. Vehicle: Turn Back Time
  10. China Blue: Deceiver

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