Diamond Head – Behold The Beginning (1986) [Vinyl]


  1. It’s Electric
  2. The Prince
  3. Sweet And Innocent
  4. Sucking My Love
  5. Streets Of Gold
  6. Play It Loud
  7. Shoot Out The Lights
  8. Waited Too Long
  9. Helpless

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Behold The Beginning

Another Diamond Head compilation record and, once again, another demonstration of just why this band are so highly regarded. With a different track list from Am I Evil? this compilation once again showcases the talents and ferocity of Diamond Head. This foray into the early days of Diamond Head shows how the tail end of the punk era made it’s way into their brand of NWOBHM, certainly accentuating an already pretty unique sound for the time. If you want to chart the rise of Diamond Head, this is an essential purchase.


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