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Here at Revolver, we continue to search out the latest talent and look to be part of an artist's story, and are currently accepting demo submissions to discover new artists to team up with!

Like all labels, our artists and our repertoire are the keys to our success. We have a policy of signing bands and artists that we believe in, and bands/artists that are not constrained by their desire for "commercial success" but are passionate about their craft and their artistry. This extends to all kinds of music ranging from ambient acoustic to heavy metal! Wondering if you'll fit in? Check out our catalogue for similar artists! 

Send Us Your Music

Think you have what it takes to be part of Revolver's story? Then send in your music for us to see if we can help. You can send us music via email, Dropbox/WeTransfer link or via snail mail at the below addresses

When Sending Your Music, Please include as much information as possible, including:

  • Album Title
  • Links To Tracks
  • Links To Social Media 
  • A short band bio
  • Contact Info

We endeavor to listen to all music submitted to us, but please be aware it can take time. 


When sending emails, please don't send any more than 3 MP3 or WAV files at a time. If you are looking to send more, please use a Dropbox or WeTransfer link. Please mark subject as: SUBMISSION and your band/artist name.



F.A.O. A&R
152 Goldthorn Hill

 Please be aware that we can not return any physical discs sent to us.


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