Twisted Ace

Power Of Three EP Cover

Formed in 1979, the band Twisted Ace quickly became regulars at many of the top Rock clubs in the county of Greater Manchester. With this popularity the band began to make waves on the UK Metal scene that was just forming the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement, and at one point that was even an offer from Motorhead’s management on the table. The band managed to break out of Manchester and in the early 80s played at many famous venues such as the Hammersmith Palais and Liverpool Empire. The band soon signed to Heavy Metal Records and released their first single which was entitled 'Firebird'. The single would also feature on the complication album entitled 'N.W.O.B.H.M' which includes other famous bands from the movement such as Quartz and Witchfinder General. 

Unfortunately the band disbanded soon after this release, and that would the last anyone heard of the band until in 2015, the band reformed with singer Colin Robinson and guitarist Phil Haywood. The group decided to reform after Robinson began seeing the popularity of the songs they penned in the early ’80s online and decided that it was time to release new music. Later that year Twisted Ace joined up once again with us at Revolver and released their new EP 'Power Of III' on 23rd November 2015. This EP is their first effort in 33 years after their first 2 singles and the band continue to tour, with an album in the works with is planned to be released towards the end of 2016.