Blue Train

John Coltrane Blue Train

REV803 (2008)

This reissue of the classic Blue Train by John Coltrane stays true to the original record, with just a touch up to the sound quality. A jazz legend, Coltrane is on fine form here, producing the kind of instrumental jazz that most can only dream of. This album is a true classic, one of the few that gets mentioned in the same breath as albums such as The Dark Side Of The Moon and Electric Ladyland. For fans of Coltrane, this album will come as no surprise. For those uninitiated, this album will open up a whole new world.

For fans of: Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Herbie Hancock

Track Listing:

  1. Blue Train
  2. Moment’s Notice
  3. Locomotion
  4. I’m Old Fashioned
  5. Lazy Bird
  6. Blue Train
  7. Lazy Bird

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