KCN (Potassium Cyanide)

Ground Zero KCN

REV2017 (2014)

A wonderfully eclectic album, KCN (Potassium Cyanide) mixes industrial and hip-hop to create a dark, brooding album that explores the human condition and modern society. There is always an undercurrent with this record, one that really brings out the message perfectly. This is well produced and well synchronized, a real reflection of Ground Zero’s talents. This is a brilliant record for those deeper exploring the industrial scene.

For fans of: Nine Inch Nails, Avoidance Of Doubt, Mesh

Track Listing:

  1. Phase One (Intro)
  2. Last Dance
  3. Some Of Them
  4. Welcome To Manhattan
  5. All The Way
  6. Come On
  7. None Of It
  8. Something Down
  9. Rapture
  10. Plague
  11. Vayne
  12. Do You (Stand Up And Rise)
  13. I’m Gone
  14. The VoidRevolver (classic logo) - TEXT ONLY (large)