The World Is Yours

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The creation of the album has been ten years in the making, starting when Jody was in university and the first few singles were recorded, including the likes of Pink Champagne, 60’s Girl and God IN Control. The band did several shows all over the place including Liquid rooms, Jools Holland Jam House and various other venues in Glasgow. The line up eventually split up and in the following period the band recorded King Life, The Limousine, One Year On and the remix version of 1Y0. This line up eventually split and the band went their separate paths, leaving Jody starting from the ground up. From this, Jody managed to get a line up together including the original rhythm guitar player, performing several shows and recording the single Drive. This line up faded out when the bass player moved back to New Zealand.

"A couple years went by, and a few line ups came and went keeping the flame alight, just, then a bass player I met called Sean Frost was up from London where he was studying and we got some good ideas together, I started throwing around some new ideas for songs etc, but unfortunately he had to move back down to London so I stayed in touch and managed to get him to send up bass parts for Gold Skyn, The World is Yours and Vietnam". (Butler, 2018).

Gold Skyn and The World is Yours where done together and the producer, Howden, played Drums on both songs and mixed and mastered them. Jody met Tom shortly after Vietnam was recorded, and they started a duo. The duo played the small venue, Henry Cellar Bar, before writing and recording K2 with Sean Frost on Bass, who sent his part remotely from London. The duo then met Conor Forbes, who now joins them in writing their new single, 'Thrilla in Manilla'.

"The process of writing these songs came from different inspirational moments that were occurring through my twenties. Loved relationships, jobs, friendships, good times, bad times all played they’re part in the inspiration behind these songs" (Butler, 2018).

The World Is Yours, releasing February 23rd 2018.