The Edinburgh, Scotland based trio are just a month away from releasing their debut album, which has been in the works for 10 years. Their track 'Gold Skyn' has already received notice over in the states, being featured in MTV's show, Shinesty.

The band was founded in September 2006, and in the space of a few years became one of Edinburgh’s finest live acts, attracting the attention of local radio stations and the general public. However, with multiple line-up changes over the upcoming years, lead singer Jody Butler turned to writing and recording.

This has all lead to current members Jody Butler (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Tom Exton (Drums), and Conor Forbes (Bass & Backing Vocals) starting to put together tour dates to co-inside with the release of their debut album on Friday 23rd February. The band makes psychedelic rock music that draws influences from the likes of Rage Against The Machine, Jimi Hendrix and The Doors. With the current line up, the band have been doing several shows around Scotland, some of them include King Tuts, ABC Glasgow and Stramash in Edinburgh.

Both Revolver Records and Urband & Lazar Publishing are supporting the album, which is being released across all major digital platforms.mood