Zero Nine


'Zero Nine' are a Hard Rock band hailing from Finland, and are considered to be one of the country's greatest musical exports. The band formed in 1978 and since then they have gone on to release nine studio albums. Originating in the city of Kuusamo, the band made their first breakthrough in 1980 when they submitted their demo "Down the Line" to the popular Finish show 'Levyraati', where a panel would listen to submitted songs and give it a rating out of 10. This song received a high mark, becoming the winning track for that year's series and putting the band in the public eye for the first time. The band then released their debut album, entitled 'Visions, Scenes and Dreams' in 1982 and also recorded the album 'Blank Verse' and released it in the same year. The later was recorded at London's 'Kingsway' Recording Studio and was produced by Paul Watkins as well as Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillan. 

The band then released the album 'Headline' before then releasing the fantastic album 'White Lines' through Heavy Metal Records, which was to be the only album licensed by the label. Since then the band have released another 5 full length albums, with their most recent release entitled "IX" in 2009.

Over their career they have achieved a large amount of commercial success, especially considering they emerged from a country in Europe that isn't exactly famous for it's musical exports, nor was there much of Rock scene in Finland. This makes their achievements even more impressive and the band are still operating today. During their career they have played with many of Rock and Metal's biggest names, including Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Ozzy Osbourne, ZZ Top, Whitesnake, Alice Cooper and the Scorpions. Zero Nine's last major live appearance came in 2010 when they supported Rock legends AC/DC during their European tour playing at the Ratina Stadium in Tampere, Finland.