The Babysitters

The Babysitters The Babysitters


This sole release from The Babysitters is a frantic slice of glam punk, rough, ready and raw. While many other bands were looking to over produce their sound, The Babysitters kept their DIY ethos, preferring instead to keep the punk roots exposed. The music is raucous, furious and above all fun. The Babysitters released this album and a live record, but then disappeared into the ether. This was a band who knew how to party, and this album certainly demonstrates it.

For fans of: Sex Pistols, Misfits, Buzzcocks

Track Listing:

  1. Can You Hear It?
  2. American Toys
  3. No Particular Place
  4. The Beard Song
  5. I Wanna Be On The T.V.
  6. Pickin’ The Blues
  7. Old L.A.
  8. Give Us A Loan
  9. Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead
  10. Tel Aviv
  11. Rock En Roll Chicken
  12. Alright O.K.

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