Teaze were formed in the late 1970s in Canada (specifically coming from Montreal and Quebec), and featured members Brian Danter on Bass and Vocals, Marc Bradac on Guitar, Chuck Price on Guitar and Mike Kozak on Drums. Two albums and a Live album recorded in Tokyo bought the band some recognition, but it was with 1979's "One Night Stands" that the band came into their own, and began to make a real name for themselves. 1980's "Body Shots" continued in this tradition, but incredibly the band had not yet had any British releases, making them virtually unknown to a huge percentage of their target market.

This is where Heavy Metal America came in: the best parts of the bands previous releases make up "A Taste Of Teaze," which gave the British market their long awaited introduction to the self proclaimed Montreal Mayhem Merchants. Everything about the sleeve was entirely tongue in cheek, the sort of thing a band would be incredibly lucky to get away with today.

Unfortunately, this release came long after the band had bid their final farewell in 1980, and any success it had was not enough to inspire the band to get back together to record more music.