Reckless Heart Of Steel

'Reckless' were a Pop Metal band that originally formed in Ontario, Canada in 1978. After performing shows all across Canada, in 1980 the band signed to the Hollywood based record label 'Harvest'. The band's original line-up featured Steve Madden on guitar, with Jan Melan on vocals, Gene Stout on bass and Gil Roberts on drums. Shortly after signing to 'Harvest', their debut album 'Reckless' was released that same year. The brilliant guitar work of Madden, and the quirky vocal delivery of Melanson created a form of commercial Glam Metal that looked for a moment to be a smash hit. Sadly the album received mixed reviews and poor album sales, leading them to leave the record label shortly after the album's release. The band then began searching for a new label, eventually signing to local label 'Quality Records'. The band then recorded their second album entitled 'Heart of Steel' in 1985 and was released in the UK by Heavy Metal Records, who received exclusive license for the album in that country. By this point the band had undergone a few line-up changes, and the new line-up featured Doug Adams on vocals, Todd Pilon on bass, Steve Wayne Lederman on drums along with original member guitarist Steve Madden.

Sadly despite another strong effort with the stylish guitar work than even Eddie Van Halen would be proud of, this album also received mixed reviews and poor sales, and soon after the band faded from existence.