Broken Bones

About Broken Bones

Formed in 1983 in Stoke On Trent, England, this infulential hardcore/crossover band are fronted by legendary guitarist Anthony 'Bones' Roberts, formerly of Discharge. This groundbreaking band released the 1987 album 'Losing Control', the 1987 EP 'Trader In Death', which reached #21 in the charts, and the 1992 single 'Religion Is Responsible' with Heavy Metal Records. All these tracks show the bands mastery of their instruments, with their powerful rhythms, intense vocals, excellent drumming and incredible guitar playing. Punk may be dead but Broken Bone's music will always be alive and kicking.


The band were formed in 1983 after 'Bones' left Discharge. They released their first single 'Decapitated' January 1984 and released their follow up single 'Crucifix' in the May that same year. They released their debut 'Dem Bones' album through Fall Out Records which charted at #5. In 1984 they became the first band ever to headline the infamous hardcore gig Olympic Auditorium in LA, selling 6,000 tickets. They also set a record at the Rock Hotel in New York for selling a huge amount of tickets in a few days.

The band took a break from touring in 1992 and regrouped in 1996. They released their first studio album in 8 years in 2001 and released another album in 2004. Both albums went back to their hardcore roots. They were the last band to play the British Invasion concert in San Bernardino before it was shut down in 2006. They took another break after 2010.

The band saw many line-up changes throughout their existence but 'Bones' always stayed with the band. He is often cited by many thrash metal bands as being a huge influence to them, such as Metallica and Anthrax. They reformed once again with the line-up of 'Bones' on lead guitar, Original member Tezz Roberts on Bass Guitar, Karl "Egghead" Morris of The Exploited, Jeff "JJ" Janiak on vocals and Andy Dawson of "Billyclub" on drums.

Broken Bones