Restless & Wild (1982)

Restless & Wild

Acceot Restless And Wild
HMI6 1982

When you’re one of the biggest metal bands in the world, it’s somewhat hard to keep up the creativity. With Restless & Wild, Accept’s 4th studio effort however, the band just keep getting better. This, coupled with their previous album, Balls To The Wall, put Accept on the musical map and gained their now legendary status. Speed metal has never sounded so good. An essential record for any discerning metal fan.

For fans of: Iron Maiden, Metallica, U.F.O.

Track Listing:

  1. Fast As A Shark
  2. Restless & Wild
  3. Ahead Of The Pack
  4. Shake Your Heads
  5. Neon Nights
  6. Get Ready
  7. Demon’s Night
  8. Flash Rockin’ Man
  9. Don’t Go Stealing My Soul Away
  10. Princess Of The DawnHeavy Metal Records