The OneThree


Alex Lusty is a rapper and Hip Hop artist whose first break was under the guise of "Frigid Vinegar," whose debut single "Dogmonaut 2000" was played by John Peel on BBC Radio 1, making Peel responsible for yet another artist's big break. Meanwhile, Boz Boorer was the guitarist with Rockabilly outfit "The Polecats" before taking the role he is now better known for as the guitarist for Morrissey. Together with bassist/ producer Brett Gordon, this unlikely combination became The OneThree, and would collaborate for just one album, "Life Goes On," before separating to focus on their individual careers again.

Looking deeper into the musical background of Lusty and Boorer shows that the collaboration, though unlikely, was never going to be anything other than successful. Lusty is a huge fan of Morrissey, and Boorer's "Polecats" bordered on Punk with some of their work: this punk-influenced background matches with Lusty's cockney vocal delivery perfectly. This relationship began when the two met backstage at a Morrissey show at Earl's Court in 2004, and in Boorer's words "he wanted me to do a track, and we ended up doing an album." The partnership is deeper than just a musical bond though, with Lusty describing the pair as having been "mates ever since."

While Lusty and Gordon did write lyrics for a potential second album for The OneThree, Boorer's commitments kept this from being a possibility: Lusty and Gordon would go on to form "Loner Party" in his absence, using these lyrics for that project, and as such The OneThree came to an end. Lusty and Boorer later collaborated on the acoustic project "Happy Martyr," though a full reunion hasn't happened yet: of course, a reunion remains a possibility in the future, as the members didn't part on bad terms.